Without You

Night is the darkest without you
Light is the day that won’t shine through
Bleak is the mind which cannot carry. cannot hope to peruse (this I cannot do)
How do I breathe without you?

I can’t see your pain
It echoes in this refrain.
Tragedy cannot speak. I cannot hear the sound. I cannot lose what is never to be found.
Was it morphed into a beast that we could not slay?
From first to next, and second to last, HOW. DO. I. GET PAST?

I’d slay dragons for you. All you had to do was ask for the moon. I never knew it might be over so soon.
The hurt, the scars, the tears…
I cannot feign ignorance. For this time ignorance is NOT BLISS!
I can never take back and rain on your parade,
But still, I was blind to see, what was in front of you is now riding on what’s left of me.
I cannot see through the fog, cannot lift out of the remnants of what you have left behind. As with every other time, it is not mine. I’d rather be, a million miles away.

The ache is palpable. I will never again hear your voice speak my name. I will never see agony on your face as the tears run down my mask. The time and distance are carried deep in your disdain.

You took that away. Can you feel how YOU BREAK ME? I can’t fall in…deep, poison consumed. Where did you go? There’s no me without you. There’s no song without you. There’s no hope without you. Hope. Without. You. (There’s no more hope)

This isn’t what we do. Please tell me it’s not true?

Joy and sorrow are inseparable Together they come, and when one sits alone with you at your board, remember that the other is asleep upon your bed.

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