To the Core, Away

Dead air
I could never surmise
If I couldn’t have, I would never give
You beseech me with lies
That will be your demise

The small piece of me you took away
Will shatter once you realize
It’s in the mask you wear
The breath you take
The hurt you selfishly allow
Who’s with you now?

Walk away from the sun… Run away
I could not foretell
I’n this light, I’ll never understand
How you could deny me your hand?.
All the words you speak.
How can you stand without falling down?
Could you pretend to consume the thoughts that eat at me,
the memories that threaten to pull me under,
the light that was taken,
air that I’ve exhaled…

I’ll turn away…turning to
a sedative to turn off the ache
a sound to block out the pain
Bereft to drown out the rain
Lost then but never here now
The pain you exude has blinded you somehow
Yet you inflicted your disdain
What is there to gain?
Again I’ll pretend, all that you could never see
You against the wind…Hide away
A friend you could never be
Sad that you’ll never recognize
You’ll never care, never wish, never hope, and never fail
If you never try to stand
You’ll never again have my hand…Pull away

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