Vodkey Landing Page and Launch Promo

Vodkey Landing Page and Launch Promo

Brand identity for Vodkey Vodka

VODKEY is a new line of vodka produced in the good ole USA. Vodka is the most universal alcohol in the USA and there are tons of vodkas on the market but none a have built in loyalty program attached to it. Were all about social. FB, Twitter, IG, Snap chat just to name a few.

How Vodkey Works

We are tied into the top POS systems in bars and restaurants around the US. So every VODKEY you shoot, pour or mix you are building loyalty points you can redeem at exclusive VODKEY events. (need to think more about this)

Vodkey Gold Program

For our top VODKEY points holders you will be given a VOD KEY. Think of this as the black card in the credit card world. Its an exclusive club reserved for the elite of our program. You can’t apply for it but it is rewarded based on your participation in VODKEY. You will be given a special key that has a unique serial number tied just to you. Which can also be converted to a digital key tied to our APP.

Vodkey Vodka
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