Starbucks Mobile CS App

A simple solution to manage complex conference spaces at SSC​​​​​​​

Problem Space:

The Starbucks building is one of the largest in downtown Seattle. The current setup for conferencing is great but techs have no way to monitor rooms when they are on the go. There is a lot of time lost in traveling from one side of the building to the other and back multiple times a day to troubleshoot, get insight into how rooms are setup for upcoming meetings and make adjustments to things like audio and microphone levels.

The team at Blacktee Systems thought of a simple solution to save time and increase productivity of the techs at Starbucks by designing and deploying a mobile app that allows them to gather insight into what rooms or devices are online, send messages and status updates to rooms, shut down power, and adjust volume levels and more.

The control systems at SSC can support the Crestron App™ for iOS. Using this application the staff at SSC can quickly get meeting room status and control.

The gallery of app screens below represent the flow and features recommended for this application. The color and flow follow Starbucks® marketing guidelines for better branding and familiarity.

Success Metrics:

Metrics are still being measured but the team at Starbucks reports productivity has increased and troubleshooting has become more efficient and scalable!

LSE Houghton Street London 22
My Role
Crestron UI Designer & Developer
Project Duration
2 Months
Tools of the Trade
Adobe Illustrator, Crestron Vision Tools, Crestron Toolbox, Crestron Studio