Samsung USA Home Page Redesign

The Ask: Rethink & Revise the Role of the Samsung US Homepage

Problem Space

  • Doesn’t give the consumer a real idea of Samsung’s product line
  • Very lackluster in content space
  • Seems very thrown together

I See a Lost Opportunity in the Way the real Estate is Used on the Home Page

As a consumer, I had no idea that Samsung offered so many types of products outside of phones and tablets. Highlighting them, in addition to the mobile product offerings would go a long way. Maybe Jane came to Samsung website to read more about the latest Galaxy phone she would like to upgrade to but instead ends up reading more about the Samsung move products because she is an avid fitness guru. I also had no idea there were so many innovations in home appliances and I just bought a new oven, fridge, washer, and dryer all in the past year.

You Never Get a Second Change to Make a First Impression

Lets start with the Navigation and top of the page content

The first attention grabber to me on the page was the alert, not the product. The centered logo placement and cramped header also plays a trick with my eyes. My eye movement went from the alert bar to the Samsung logo to the support/ feedback launcher and then the phone. This causes a lot of distraction and the text and CTA got lost on the page.

Revamping the Header & Footer Nav

I made very minor changes to the header nav – both primary and secondary. I also updated the header, alert type and logo placement to something that is a bit more universally familiar to users.

Home Page structure & Content

My new home would highlight a brand story such as the example I used with a call to action for viewing all products. From there the page would be broken up into 5 main product sections that mimic the nav structure and call out all main products categories. The first section of the page would be tied to any existing product launch, promotion or best selling item. The next 4 sections of the home page would highlight a best selling or newly launched product for Mobile, TV & Audio, Computing, and Appliances.

At 40 pixels above the page fold the user would have arrow hints so they know to scroll down to view content below. The same treatment and theory is applied to each major section of the website tying in the website navigation, product categories, product catalog, and promotions.

My Role
User Experience Designer
Project Duration
6 Weeks
Tools of the Trade
Adobe Illustrator, Adobe CC, Adobe XD
Samsung USA