Samsung USA

Samsung USA

The Ask: Rethink & Revise the Role of the Samsung US Homepage

Problem Space

  • Doesn’t give the consumer a real idea of Samsung’s product line
  • Very lackluster in content space
  • Seems very thrown together

I See a Lost Opportunity in the Way the real Estate is Used on the Home Page

As a consumer, I had no idea that Samsung offered so many types of products outside of phones and tablets. Highlighting them, in addition to the mobile product offerings would go a long way. Maybe Jane came to Samsung website to read more about the latest Galaxy phone she would like to upgrade to but instead ends up reading more about the Samsung move products because she is an avid fitness guru.
I also had no idea there were so many innovations in home appliances and I just bought a new oven, fridge, washer, and dryer all in the past year.
This got me thinking about the hierarchy of Samsung products and how they are laid out on the page.​​​​​​​ It could use some improvement.
I’ll say this before and i’ll say it again…​​​​​​​

You Never Get a Second Change to Make a First Impression

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Samsung USA
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