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“Refresh allows you to connect the dots about the people you know and meet so you can spark more authentic connections.”

Refresh was built around the idea that great business leaders and politicians have been using an offline version of Refresh for centuries to get things done and achieve big goals. They have staff, assistants, and attachés who provide them with invaluable information prior to meetings and conversations.

In the 24/7 world of powerful smart phones and tons of data strewn across the Internet from various social networks and databases, we have set out to create a smart app that generates a comprehensive view of your friends and connections in or bring you closer together.

About the project:

The idea behind the app was to allow you to interact with your network on a different level. It helped you to gain knowledge and remember details about your clients such as talking points for a business meeting, favorite restaurants, like interests or other things of interest about a person or company that may break the ice or even seal the day. At the end of the day positive engagements are all about relationships.

Success Metrics:

Refresh was a success in the Apple store, landing in the “Best New Apps” section. The Facebook campaign helped to get it there!

My Role
Visual Desigenr
Project Duration
1 Month
Tools of the Trade
Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop
Refresh App