Redesign, Rebrand & Regroup

A simple corporate website redesign from the ground up. Rebranding a company that’s been around for awhile can be hard work, but it doesn’t have to be with the right hands on deck. It’s surprising what a kind of a story a corporate image that hasn’t been updated since 2013 can tell. You can be relevant but not be noticed. You can get left behind.

Blacktee Systems ©2013
Blacktee Systems Website ©2013

Case in point:

When visiting the corporate website, it’s hard to even understand what the company does, let alone see the value of what they can offer AV clients looking for custom automation programming or conferencing solutions. The website pages were very disjointed from one another, some pages didn’t work or were never completed. A website like that can say a lot about a company.

A good, first online impression is so important.

The first impression of Blacktee Systems went from outdated, disjointed to clear and concise. The updated website is built using WordPress so the company can easily add product offerings, new employees and update their services – in house. The new website has an updated look and tech complete with defined solutions, product offerings, examples of their AV solutions and links to their updated social media accounts to keep them connected with their customer base.

The new website also answers users questions, explains the services the client provides to the customer, and has a login for customer support and email. Its much easier to use – from a consumer perspective – and easy for the staff to update.

My Role
Designer & Developer
Project Duration
11 Months
Tools of the Trade
Wordpress, mySQL, PHP, CSS, & myProject
Blacktee Systems