Microsoft Partner Incentives Program Configuration Tool

What is Partner Incentives?

Partner Incentives is a platform that allows users to enroll in a program, track earnings, manage claims and monitor payments.

Understanding Our Users

There are two primary types of users of the Partner Incentives Platform. Internal Microsoft employees and External Microsoft Partners.

External Microsoft Partners are anything from your small mom and pop computer repair shops, to your Dells and HP’s of the world and anything in between. Microsoft External Partners utilize the Partner Incentives Platform to determine program eligibility, enroll in programs, submit claims, view earnings, monitor payments, and track support tickets.

Internal Microsoft Partners (mostly Microsoft employees) utilize the PI Platform to review claims made by 3rd party partners to validate proof, request more information, and help external partners enroll in programs or resolve support tickets.

About the Project:

The configuration tool was built to allow Partners on the global enrollment level to create programs for their admins to be able to configure from the back end so their users could enroll in a program for a marketing event. The purpose of this would be so that Microsoft could track and reimburse users based on Microsoft Approved actions that helped to further their business objectives. Upon setup and program enrollment users could claim earnings and get rewards.

My Role:

My role was the Product Owner, key knowledge expert and designer of this user experience from end-to-end. I was the key liaison between stakeholders and engineering that helped to illustrate the process as it was experience was designed and built. That included research, validation and testing.

Success Metrics:

This program went through several iterations but was the first thing to ship in it’s designed and completed state on the Partner Incentives Platform without needing patches for stability and performance thanks to solid design, delivery, and deployment. It also had the highest adaption rates than any other feature on the PI platform in its history to date.

Tools of the Trade
Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Acrobat, Invision App
Mathius Walsh
Microsoft Partner Incentives