Payscale Banking Application Dashboard

Creative Brief:

Reports show 40% of Americans have not stepped through the doors of a bank or credit union
within the last six months — largely due to the rise of online and mobile banking. Customers
today have more financial service options than ever, but in some cases these options fail to
meet their individual needs and aspirations. People do not seek out financial services simply to
watch a number on a screen grow; they save, invest, and manage their money in the pursuit of
financial freedom.

Design a product experience to make the user’s personal financial information easily accessible, easily readable and personally meaningful. Information hierarchy, color, and graphics become crucial in helping users gain control of their financial situation.


    Mockup or HTML page of account dashboard
    Mockup or HTML page of account transaction history


  • – Mostly aged 28–45
  • Largely use our web based product – not app
  • Typically do not have much time
  • Are not usually very tech savvy
  • My Role
    User Experience Designer
    Project Duration
    6 Weeks
    Tools of the Trade
    Sketch App, Invision App