My Virtual Campus Web Responsive Application

My Virtual Campus Web Responsive Application

The Ask:

Create an application interface for single entry to a student roster and batch upload for the ability to add multiple students to a class roster for ease of use.

Acceptance Criteria:

The web application UI should be completed with the following: single and batch student upload, empty excel template, and (sample) filled excel spreadsheet, ability to download excel template and upload multiple student profiles via excel import.

Form Factor:

Web browsers across all Windows and Apple devices

My Role:

User Experience Designer, individual contributor for end to end design.

About the Project:

This web responsive application will be deployed across desktop, Andriod, and iOS devices. This application enables airline customers, students, and instructors to reform their traditional teaching and learning experiences from manual processes to digital eLearning experiences. Pilots, students, and employees are able to teach and learn course curriculum with new technology brought to their personal laptop or handheld personal devices in part by augmented reality; which, over time will result in the elimination of very expensive calibration and maintenance of multi-million dollar simulators for annual training and re-certification. Preliminary results confirm new training and certifications are taking less time and cost less money. Instructors and students are reporting that curriculum is much easier to teach and learn.

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