Microsoft Partner Network Payment Tool

Problem Space

As was commented by the recent CI audit, the current Partner Incentives platform does not automate operational compliance validations on payments, resulting in a highly manual and lengthy processes prior to payment release.  This puts the proposed payment scale for FY15H2 at high risk if not remediated.  Since on-time/accurate payment and compliance are #1 priority of Partner Incentives, a new investment into creating this payment compliance automation and management is requested as a priority.

Key Problem areas

  • Tables and widgets are visually overwhelming creating high cognitive load on the user by giving them too much information.
  • Alignment and display of information is confusing.
  • Too many primary and secondary functions on pages that result in user confusion.

Success Metrics

  • PI tool can automate all payment compliance requirements, reducing manual work to target of 1,000 payment validations per hour, or less.  This represents an estimated 98% reduction in manual Ops work.
  • Operations can easily be aware of manual overrides due, budget deficiencies, metrics, etc., and track the same for audit purposes easily in the tool.
  • Operations no longer needs separate SAP access to manage payments, and reduces the risk of potential human error having to maintain 2 separate tools.
  • Support can easily facilitate payment queries and trace payment rejections and remediate.
  • Partner can see their expected payment date.

My Role:

My role was the Product Owner and contributor of this user experience from end-to-end. I was the key liaison between stakeholders and engineering that helped to illustrate the process as it was experience was designed and built. That included research, validation and testing.


The project cut down on a lot of manual payment validation saving time and productivity.

My Role
User Experience Designer
Mathius Walsh
Project Duration
15 Months
Tools of the Trade
Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Dreamweaver, Axure, HTML, CSS
Microsoft Partner Incentives