Microsoft Partner Incentives Program Enrollment

Microsoft Partner Incentives Program Enrollment

What is Partner Incentives?

Partner Incentives is a platform that allows users to enroll in a program, track earnings, manage claims and monitor payments.

Understanding Our Users

There are two primary types of users of the Partner Incentives Platform. Internal Microsoft employees and External Microsoft Partners.

External Microsoft Partners are anything from your small mom and pop computer repair shops, to your Dells and HP’s of the world and anything in between. Microsoft External Partners utilize the Partner Incentives Platform to determine program eligibility, enroll in programs, submit claims, view earnings, monitor payments, and track support tickets.

Internal Microsoft Partners (mostly Microsoft employees) utilize the PI Platform to review claims made by 3rd party partners to validate proof, request more information, and help external partners enroll in programs or resolve support tickets.

So many support tickets, how can we improve?

An easier to understand enrollment process was another request from our Internal Microsoft Partners along the way. 44% of all of the support tickets were from the Support Agents not being able to enroll our Partners in programs due to the lack of insight into Partner enrollments and degree of difficulty in the process. We introduced an entirely new enrollment flow with steps in the process that were broken down in a more clear approach. In addition to streamlining the enrollment process we were able to give the user some feedback regarding where they were in the process and an enroll now button to call the user to action if the user hadn’t enrolled in the program but was eligible.

My Role:

My role on the team was working as the Lead User Experience Designer dedicated to the areas of enrollment, administration, and notifications. I was the primary liaison for 6 PM’s and 5 core engineering teams that made up the Partner Incentives Platform Engineering teams.

Success Metrics:

The platform shipped with an easier enrollment process that included in app help text, dynamic form fields, easy to use widgets, and process driven UI that reduced support tickets in program enrollment by 37% in the first release.

Tools of the Trade
Adobe Illustrator, InVision, Microsoft PowerPoint, Adobe Acrobat, Specctr
Microsoft Partner Incentives
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