HorizonAhead – An e2e Application

HorizonAhead is a Digital Training Management Platform that seamlessly integrates business functions and systems across all aspects of training development, operations and management

Training development, operations and management activities for airlines have tremendous potential to be improved and optimized.

A large airline company – the original equipment manufacturer, can play a unique role by partnering with airlines, other training providers and regulatory agencies to help transform the aviation training industry.


  • Make Training available whenever and wherever it is required
  • Integrate operational and training products
  • Instrument and measure training efficiency
  • Enable customers to track their trainings, contracts, entitlements
  • Aid to make data driven decisions
  • Integrated and automated certifications

Users: Airline Planner, Airline Manager, Scheduler, Instructor, Training Manager, Student

Problem Scenarios:

  • Difficulty in managing training actions and operations
  • Difficulty in accessing training materials both online and offline

End Goals:

The end goal is the delivery of a portal that allows airline customers to manage training operations without the cost associated with in-classroom training, costly simulation training, and conflicting schedules. With this portal students can learn at their own pace and instructors can develop and mature their own training programs that are individualized to different learning styles and programs using the latest in eLearning technologies, VR and AR.

What we came up in our MVP, as a shipped version of the platform was a desktop and mobile responsive dashboard, notifications, email and messaging platform, student onboarding (batch enrollment) platform, and some integrated search for instructors and document certification approval/ rejection UI.

My Role
Lead User Experience Designer
Project Duration
7 Months
Tools of the Trade
Sketch App, Craft Manager, Invision App
An Airline Company