Financialforce Pattern Library and UX Design Process

Serving as an instrumental part of the company, helping to drive reusable assets and pattern guidelines. As the single, dedicated UX designer/ system architect working in the Bellevue office, as part of the DesignOps team, I was part of a very high-level and strategic effort to bring consistent documentation, processes, and methodology to our product teams.  This effort was instrumental in the timely delivery of the company’s customer centric software suite of solutions – built on the Salesforce CRM Cloud platform – giving enterprises the solutions they need to run faster, automate processes, allocate resources/ budget, and track project milestones and adhere to timelines.

As we are moving forward with our design process and alignment with Salesforce Lightning Design System we (UX) want to create both a consistent process for application of our design components. Including, the conversion of old pages and applications and the design of all new components, apps, and pages.

We will do this by aligning the processes and applications we use to implement our designs across all of our teams and products.

What’s in the Design System Library? 
Page templates and reusable design patterns all of our components: navigation, grid patterns, forms, controls, search, filtering, imagery, and iconography that will aid us in consistency in our efforts and our user experience.

My Role
User Experience Designer
Project Duration
14 Months
Tools of the Trade
Abstract, Craft App, Invision App, Microsoft PPT, Sketch, Sketch Measure