eLearning App Onboarding

This project was primarily an Android app built and targeted to the Samsung Galaxy Tab E and the Samsung Galaxy S9. The core application was an eLearning application that allowed students to connect with their classroom, coursework, schedule, class forum, and campus chat application.

Although the application was primarily targeted to the Android devices and targeted form factors there was also the option for a bring your own device component of the application that allowed students to interact with their peers, see their schedules, enroll in classes, and view a preview of their course content but there were device and content restriction rules with data and privacy on BYOD devices.

The screens included with this project preview are from the company issued mobile phone. These are the onboarding screens that a student would see when downloading and setting up their application for the first time.

My Role
Lead User Experience Designer
Project Duration
9 Months
Tools of the Trade
Sketch App, Adobe PDF, Android App Builder