Amazon Account Management – Performance Management Dashboard Interface

Product Overview

Performance Manager (PM) is a goal setting and reporting management module in Amazon, Account Management Central (AMC) enabling the Account Managers and AM Leaders to quickly identify opportunities and issues that directly tie to individual performance and team performance goals. Today, it is challenging for International Support and Services teams to measure productivity performance of an AM or AM team because there is no common data set, measurements or terminology. AM’s and AM Managers currently track metrics that are region and program specific without any alignment across the the organization, nor are the productivity goals tracked by ISS leadership. The Performance Manager module will be a primary entry point to AMC and enable the ISS Account Manager Hierarchy to set, cascade, track and analyze a portfolio of Sponsored Products and AM productivity goals versus actuals using customizable metrics and manager tools in an efficient and closed-loop experience. Reasons for variance to goals (GMS/SP, conversion rate, launch/AM) will be apparent and quickly attributed to a team, program or arc making analysis of results intuitive and efficient.

Performance Manager will integrate data from RAMP (productivity planning tool), the Tableau performance management tool, opportunity portfolio data from Leads Management and actuals from the ISS data warehouse with intuitive drill downs from the opportunity portfolio dashboards to single-seller details from Seller Central and product-level recommendations in other AMC modules; creating one place to track AM performance and manage AM teams.

The Features

Features include customized program and performance reporting using standardized metrics, a dashboard showing the status of the entire opportunity portfolio with drill-downs to other AMC modules like single-seller information in the Dashboard and links to Salesforce Opportunities and AM manager tools to quickly view the results of a team and communicate information, in one place.

AM Managers or AM Leaders will see the performance of the team or an individual with goals versus actuals over time, and drill downs to understand the underlying reasons for performance; such as, a high conversion rate or a low launch rate. The AM Manager will also be able to analyze the opportunity portfolio of their team or an individual to improve visibility into the sales pipeline. Finally, the AM Manager can send notes to the team to set agendas for 1:1 meetings or to assign trainings from a catalog. Finally, Mangers can adjust AM goals when changes in the team occur such as goal setting after OP2, turnover, hiring or launching a pilot program.

An AM will see their performance versus goals with drill downs to more detailed data, so they can quickly see metrics impacting their results. They will have a dashboard view of their portfolio with key metrics and alerts to take actions with links to multi and single-seller views so they can organize their sales approach using data within AMC. The portfolio view will integrate the status from Salesforce with the Opportunity Management data from the Leads Management team to minimize the need to switch between multiple data sources. Finally, the AM can view notes and tasks assigned by their managers and reply within the tool.

Use Cases

Priority 11.4.1 As an AM manager, I want an automated mechanism to track AM’s performance against their goals.
First Release Description Productivity and other goals are automatically associated with Opportunities assigned to AMs, and the AM performance against these goals is tracked within OM (AMC).
Acceptance Criteria Meets all requirements herein
Comments Must integrate with other AMC data sets
My Role
UX Designer
Project Duration
11 Months
Tools of the Trade
Adobe Acrobat, Invision App, Sketch App
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