Inconspicuous Dissension

Walls confine me, come crashing down
Doors close behind me
What’s beneath, within, beside and by
Say you’ll never leave me, you’ll always haunt me
Why believe it, you said you mean it
Behind blue eyes storm clouds gather, Inconspicuous, insulting
Caught between what you want from me and what I have left to give
Knowing if I give all to you, I might just disappear
Peel back another layer, reflecting shade
Another U-turn on a one-way street
Stuck in the pit of myself destructive shelter
Wounds are ways to reveal us
Just a step away, just a breath closer
Breathe, exhale, ache
Camouflage of coherence
Shadows I can’t hide
Fend them off, fool them all
Run in place, crawl the walls
It’s easy to pretend
Ignorance is blind
I am all you’ve found, so far away
My worst enemy, the person beside me is me
I still need you here with me

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