Skin to skin submission
Lost in parallel Movements, motions swept and carried
Unstill, unsettled
Transformation Wanting, waiting
Exhaling, circulation of touch
Speak what’s on my breath
What’s written on my heart

Inhaling your scent
Whispers in the dark
Fathoming uncertainty

Transparent ground, solid surround
Apprehension to validation and back again

Sparks added to fuel, fuel added heat causes fire.
Whispering desire.
All in focus, yet all a blur
Awake in restless stir, shaky on solid ground

Intoxicate, Ending beginning
Emulate A mirror of images
Desecrate An image of mirrors
Barely in focus, tunnel vision arrears.

Catching dreams, reality reprieve
Captivate, Beginning ending

Sin to sin transmission
Awake in perspective
Sweeping, movements that carry

Unanswered, insecure
Transposed and raining down

Whispers are hushed
Fragrant intoxication
Murmurs emit light

Absent desires circle amid fire
Shallow caress, respiration depressed
Expectant, breathless and sound

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