How did you become whatever you became?
How did you leave me like this?
You promised to be my shelter from the rain, the pill that takes away my pain.

Now you’ve left me cold There’s no me without you, don’t you see?
One word, one blink, one reaction and you’re done? I guess I’m the only one, the lonely one.

Love really is conditional The only strength, the only family I’ve ever known…. My reason to breathe, stand, and fight is now my reason to choke, crumble, and disappear.

How do I move on without you? I would do anything for you, that has never changed All the good times, good memories, and what I hold near is now being reduced to everything that has gone wrong.
How can we not grow old together? I’ve never pictured a life without you I never want to.

A flick of the wrist and this car goes off the cliff One more drink and maybe I’ll disappear. I’d do anything for the pain to stop I’d do anything to have you hold me close and whisper in my ear.

The words that ring through my head are too painful to hold onto, I still have a star in a mason jar.

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