About the Designer


I am a Seattle area Sr. User Experience Designer, specializing in the creation of reusable design patterns and assets to facilitate lean UX through requirements visualization. As a UX designer I strive for customer obsession and pride myself on to helping end-users discover unmet needs and elicit feedback.

I am passionate about the relationship between research and analytics. I believe in the refining power of simplicity and elegance through the fusion of logic and creative inspiration. I embrace the “human factor” in design and create experiences that tell stories which are clean, simple and easy to use.

I am currently working as a Product/ UX designer for the Amazon Global Sales and Services team. As an individual contributor to the cross functional team of designers, engineers, PM’s and stakeholders; I am working to define requirements and gather user research to obtain in-depth knowledge from Global Sellers (China, Japan, EU, and emerging markets) to enhance the existing customer journey of Amazon products and services. Deliverables include: user interfaces, personas, customer journey maps, conceptual diagrams, wireframes and prototypes for web and mobile-based products to improve the customer journey of Customer Service by Amazon and the International Amazon Sellers’ team products. I am driving projects through all phases, from user research and exploratory mockups to design reviews, delivery, and usability testing.

I have over 17 years experience as a multi-disciplinary designer, and have held various roles in my craft from visual designer to UX team leadership and everything in between. However, my sweet spot in UX is interaction design. I love utilizing my entire skillset as an end-to-end designer, while being able to validate my designs through proper research, iteration, customer obsession and implementation. 


Due to the ever growing and changing design trends, the industry for a working professional such as myself seems to be headed towards hybrid UI Designer/ Developer roles; therefore, I am currently obtaining my certificate in Mobile Web and Desktop Application Development through South Seattle Community College. My program will be completed in 2019. I obtained my Bachelor’s degree in Web and Multimedia Design and Development (2013) and my AAS in Digital Design (2006). Why? Because there aren’t any Masters Degrees in UX Design. My end goal is to be working in a hybrid UX Designer that is proficient in front end development. My areas of expertise include: senior level knowledge and experience with web applications and mobile design, product design, UI design, front-end development, team leadership, and project management. I am experienced working with companies of all sizes: from small start-ups to large corporations requiring complex web applications using the latest industry standard in CSS, HTML, and JavaScript.

Thanks for reading.