Four letters, one silent…
A single syllable pregnant with meaning

Is it where the heart is? Where our story begins? Is it a story where there happens to be no place like home?
Some say home is not a place but a feeling. Its a place to feel good leaving and even better coming back. If I click my heels 3 times…

Home is more than shelter from the storm. Home is more than insulated walls that keep you warm when winter wind howls, and cool when the summers sweltering breath of humidity makes it hard. To catch. Your breath.

Home is a clearing in the forest,
A safe place to run with the trees shadow all the light and the crunch of the leaves, in the meadow of darkness drills fear into your heart.

Home is someone who accepts you for the person you are, and if that happens to change, embraces the person you ultimately find yourself becoming.

Home is where the two of us were. The sky is the best roof there is, except when it’s leaking.

…Four letters, one silent.

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