We keep doing this dance, walking this line
I want to run and hide, to get away

Into the shadows where I’ve become accustom to being ignored
Tighting battles alone, where I am untouched
Scathed yet tethered
The silence is deafening here
Im screaming at the sound

Make no mistake
I see you
You keep me straddling this fine line,
Daring me to move, imploring me to stay
Ignoring me until I go
Drawing me back in with a gaze
Then you set me aside

Somewhere, anywhere, nowhere…there’s safety in one

I had nothing to hide until I tried to fight it
I try to ignore
The way I see you watching me
Swallowing me whole with a look
I don’t want to need you
You don’t want to want me
So we both stay
Too far away

Its so easy
Softly you whisper
Lucid, dreaming when we are allowed
You permeate my thoughts
Diffusing my resolve

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