I’m so done with this election. I keep my opinions to myself, unless asked. I will listen to yours, I will still love you no matter who you do or don’t support. Want to vote red, blue, green, libertarian, independent or for Harambre!?!??! I could literally care less. Just get out there and vote and make it count.

every vote counts
Every vote counts

The fact is, I haven’t publicly bashed, nor have I supported either Hilary or Trump. My candidate choice was taken out by voter fraud, super delegates, miscounts… I’ll say no more.

Do I occasionally repost funny memes directed at both remaining candidates? Hell yes! If you can’t find comedy in tragedy I’d hate to be you. You want MY opinion, *vomits* the whole election has been a train wreck. I’m done with seeing people argue over it and taking an innocent comment the wrong way. I don’t bash or hate on any of my friends or family for their political choices. I rarely ever even get into a debate about my beliefs or choices political or otherwise. I have posted more often than not, “can’t we all just get along?”

voting meme
voting memes

Why? Because my beliefs don’t have to be the same as yours for me to love you. Because my opinion is never going to change another. To some debate is healthy; but honestly, I have better things to do than disagree with you. I just don’t have the time or energy. I don’t have a massive ego, nor am I on a mission to tell anyone else they are right or wrong. We ALL have our right to opinions and beliefs, stop attacking each other, deleting family, and participating in so much hate, aggression and BULLSHIT. JUST. STOP.