Some inspiration: I can’t think of a time I have had such intense clarity amidst confusion. Writing is very therapeutic for me but it doesn’t typically come in moment of happiness, as it’s just not typically a time where I struggle with words or feel I need to get them out. I love how this turned out.

“She’s a dreamer. For far too long she looked from inside the window, but never ventured beyond. People walked by, the grass was green, the sun rose and fell, the sky moved and changed and she just watched. She watched as she dreamed of a life outside the window. Her dreams were committed to memories that felt real to her, but she never dared more than dream.


One day she felt brave, she opened the window and her lungs found the cool air. She took a step and then two, she tip-toed a little further and felt the grass under her feet. It was then she realized rain had a smell. In her dreams she couldn’t smell the rain. She tilted her head back and felt the first drop. She looked around with awe as they kept coming down. From inside they called, it’s raining, you better come in. She looked back but slowly kept walking. She had always loved the sound of the rain but never truly heard its sound echoing, as the drops fell and splashed to the ground. She stopped and smiled and started dancing.


She kept dancing while others inside complained because they couldn’t see the sun. She called to them, just because it’s behind the clouds doesn’t mean it’s not there. It was then she realized the sun is always out. She continued to dance in the rain, never caring what the others thought, or how it might look from the inside. It was then that she felt the sun on her face. She opened her eyes and realized she was the sun. Only then did her soul realize it wasn’t a dream.”