Being unemployed is definitely a series of ups and downs. Especially when unemployment income isn’t enough to make ends meet, you are 22 days late on rent, and you are the soul supporter of your family. To say I am stressed is an understatement.

I have been unemployed since the middle of June and there aren’t many job prospects left out there. When I first became unemployed we were headed into the second half of the fiscal year, companies were hiring. Now we are close to the 4th quarter and what is left on the market are either entry level, or the same 5 jobs open since June recycled by 100 agencies and recruiters. My luck seemed to change today. Today I got really hopeful and had an awesome lead and an informal interview to “meet the team.” The team reached out to me, they found me online and were impressed by my portfolio and were very eager to meet me. I was told I was one of 5 portfolios selected as the top 5 potential candidates on Adobe Behance, which is huge!

I booked a 1pm for tomorrow, I as giddy. I ran upstairs and told my husband about the meeting. I felt like things are finally going to fall into place only for them to come crashing down. Did I count my chickens before they were hatched? Definitely. I can’t really blame myself because I’ve had so much disappointment and letdown and back to the drawing board after being second runner up in 3 jobs since July. While I had stepped away from technology to tell my Husband and take care of a few things I checked email only to see my confirmed calendar event suddenly was cancelled. I called to find out why only and got sent to voicemail. A few minutes later my voicemail and missed call clicked over to inform me, “I am so sorry, a walk in friend of an employee just met with the team and was signed on the spot, but we would like to keep your resume on file.”

So this has been my face today. I wish I had a glass of wine by sadly I can’t afford it.