Many of you know our family has very recently experienced a few tragic losses in the past month and I have been volunteering my time and services. Some of the things I have done include: designing a memorial website, fundraising, and creating photo slideshows for memorial services.

It’s hard to even function when a person is grieving, and it seems to be a huge weight off the shoulders of the immediate families’ by lessening the things they need to take care of and worry about. I’ve been able to provide special memories that friends and family can cherish for a lifetime and look back upon over the years.


Helping and making a difference like this has been pretty therapeutic and eye-opening for me. <3 Thus, I have been sitting on a crazy idea for a few weeks. I’ve been unemployed since July and the job market is tough, so I’ve had the time to network and research and have identified a real need out there for memorial and bereavement design services. Creative professionals that offer these services don’t seem to exist; at least not in this capacity.



I have spent a lot of time soul searching and have completed some of the administrative things I need to get this ball rolling on offering these services professionally. My website and social media be launched soon. This could wind up being something I do to supplement my income, or it could grow into something way bigger. The cards seem to be lining up (pun intended Samantha O’Keefe), and I am following my heart to see where it leads.

My goal is to have In Loving Memory Memorials up and running in the next few weeks. Stay tuned:)