Today was one of the hardest things I have ever witnessed but also one of the most humbling. I saw humanity today, I saw compassion. There were hugs given to strangers those same strangers came together as family.

As I sit back and reflect on the past 13 hours, so many things go through my head. Life, death, and tragedy. Most of all; how life, as we know it, can all change in the blink of an eye.

What’s really important? Is it not having a job or strained relationships? Until yesterday I’d say it was. Enter the senseless death of a child.

In the wake of tragedy our little Sunrise community came together today to rally around a family that lost their Son way too soon. He was a friend of my 14 year old Son. He was also a Brother, a friend to many others, a student, a star athlete and so much more. The loss of this young man is tragic. It was so unexpected, so sudden and yet the outpouring of support the family received was like something rehearsed. It was something you read about in a fiction novel. It was unreal.

I myself stepped up to the plate and offered condolences to the family and said the trivial “If there is anything I can do?” After listening to what was needed, anything I can do turned into; whatever I could do to ease their pain. I am grateful to my skillset and am and happy I was able to provide my services in a time of need. I purchased a domain name and set up a memorial site for their Son, created a GoFundMe page, a Meal Train, and will be setting up a photo/ video gallery and guest book on the website for friends and family tomorrow.

Today I used my skill set to make a difference and it felt good. It felt better than all the money in the world. Today gave me a purpose I haven’t felt in months since I have been unemployed.

I wish I could have done more. I could say so many things as I sit here and reflect but this one thing will stay with me as long as I breathe. “We are all one choice away from a completely different life, or no life at all. We all had plans for today and some of us didn’t make it this far.”

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Rest in Peace Brayden.