Design is not just what it looks like and feels like, design is how it works.

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I am experienced working with companies of all sizes: from small start-ups to large corporations. I am looking to network and make a long-term career relationships. My desire is to establish roots within a company that enable me to learn and grow with a team, stand behind the products and services offered while continuing my career growth and personal development.
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User experience

I gain the best insight into desired solutions and while keeping business need and budget in mind to come up with a scalable, affordable outcome within scope.

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User Interface

I obsess about interactions that will delight customers and tend to geek out on details. I have no problem stepping outside of the box and out of my comfort zone to design in new ways.

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Visual Design

I think across multiple channels and have a sharp eye for visual design. I can also create beautiful experiences while leveraging existing styles in new and creative ways.

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User Research

I seek out analytics and data from user testing, focus groups, and other research to guide future decisions and iterate on current concepts to come up with the best solutions.

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A little bit about me

User Experience Designer
My passion is to create user-centric designs that are natural in flow and easy to use.

I believe in the refining power of simplicity and elegance through the fusion of logic and creative inspiration. I embrace the "human factor" in design and create experiences that tell stories which are clean, simple to use, and easy to navigate. I lead projects, advocate for the user, improve experiences, and love working in a collaborative environment.

I have 13 years in various multimedia design disciplines. My most recent role was working as a Senior User Experience Designer at Arris Group. I am experienced working with companies of all sizes: from small start-ups to large corporations requiring complex web applications using the latest industry standard in CSS, HTML, and JavaScript.

  • Bootstrap, CSS, HTML, JavaScript, PHP

  • Adobe: Comp, Dreamweaver, Experience Design, Illustrator, and Photoshop, Axure, Baslsamiq, InVision

  • Card Sorting, Personas, I/A Mapping, User Flows, Usability Testing, User Research

  • Wireframing, Prototyping, Mockups, Sitemaps, Visual Design, Interaction Design


"...Through great leadership, there was always a clear direction and a solid understanding what was needed from me. She was a positive influence and I'm grateful for having had the opportunity to work with her."

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